4.2" Mortar Motor Carriage M21-3

M2: General
Manufacturer White Motor Co. Total acceptances 6
Crew 5 men
M2: Dimensions
Weight, net, equipped 7,670lbs
Height 81"
Length 202.50"
Width 80.37"
Front tread 63.75"
Rear tread 63.75"
Wheelbase 131"
Ground clearance 9.75"
Ground pressure 57psi
M2: Armament
Type Mount Traverse Elevation
4.2" Chemical Mortar M1A1 Removable in rear compartment Manual Manual
.30cal M1919A4 MG Flexible on skate mount 360°
M2: Armor
Location Thickness
Windshield .50"
Other surfaces .25"
M2: Automotive
Engine Hercules JXD; 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, in-line gasoline
Horsepower 95@3000rpm Torque 224 ft-lb@1100rpm Fuel capacity 26.5gal
Transmission Combination sliding and constant mesh, 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Steering wheel
Brakes Hydraulic, internal expanding
M2: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Semi-elliptic leaf spring 2/side On each wheel
M2: Performance
Max level road speed 55mph
Min turning diameter 29.25'
Max fording depth 22.50"

The 4.2" mortar motor carriage M2 was based on the scout car M3. The machine gun skate rail was removed from the rear compartment, and the mortar mount was emplaced centrally. The mortar could be detached from the vehicle for firing. An ammunition rack for the mortar was installed behind the 3-man driver's compartment, and two seats were retained in the rear for the gun crew. The rear seats needed to be removed to access the mortar ammunition. The machine gun was installed on a pedestal mount on the passenger running board behind the front fender.

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