Antiaircraft Truck Mount Model 1917 for 75mm Field Gun Model 19161-3

Model 1917: General
Date of first acceptance 1917 Total acceptances 51
Model 1917: Dimensions
Combat weight 5,300lbs
Model 1917: Armament
Type Mount Traverse Elevation
75mm field gun Model 1916 Antiaircraft mount on truck rear 240°
+82° to +31°
Model 1917: Armor
Model 1917: Automotive
Engine White; 4 cylinder, gasoline
Horsepower 30
Transmission 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Steering wheel
Model 1917: Suspension
Road wheels

The White 2½-ton (2,300kg) T.B.C. truck was used to mount a 75mm field gun model 1916 for antiaircraft use. A mount was installed on the rear of the vehicle, and the ordnance was rechambered to accept French ammunition. Jacks were installed on the chassis to stabilize the vehicle during firing.

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