Ranger/Peacekeeper: General
Date of first acceptance April 1980 Total acceptances 708+
Manufacturer Cadillac Gage Company Crew 2-8
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Dimensions
Combat weight 10,800lbs
Height overall 89"
Length overall 198"
Width overall 104"
Tread 66.5"
Wheelbase 104"
Ground clearance 8"
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse Elevation
One or two 7.62mm MGs Flexible on roof 1,000 rounds 360°
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Armor
Cadloy high hardness homogeneous steel
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Automotive
Engine Dodge; 8 cylinder, 4 cycle, vee gasoline
Horsepower 180@3,600rpm Fuel capacity 32gal
Transmission Automatic, 3 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Steering wheel
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Leaf spring 2/side On each wheel
Ranger/Peacekeeper: Performance
Max level road speed 70mph
Max trench 28"
Max grade 60% Max vertical obstacle 10"
Cruising range ~300mi, roads
~480km, roads

The Cadillac Gage Commando Ranger was designed to meet a US Air Force requirement for an airbase security vehicle, and was called Peacekeeper by that service and Ranger by the US Navy and Marine Corps. A 4x4 Chrysler truck was used as the basis; its wheelbase was shortened and an armored body proof against 7.62mm ball was mounted to the frame. Armament for the roof hatch can vary; single machine guns or even twin MG turrets can be fitted. Two rear doors allow six passengers to enter, sitting three on each side. Firing ports are provided in the passenger compartment. The vehicle was also purchased by the Navy, and different versions were produced for foreign users including a command vehicle, ambulance, personnel carrier, and weapons carriers. Seven hundred eight vehicles had been produced for the US by 1994.




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