Combat Tank, Light-61-5

CTL-6: General
Date of first acceptance 1941 Total acceptances 20
Manufacturer Marmon-Herrington Co. Crew 2 men
CTL-6: Dimensions
Combat weight 14,775lbs
CTL-6: Armament
Type Mount Traverse Elevation
Three .30cal MG Ball mounts in hull Manual Manual
CTL-6: Armor
Maximum .5"
Minimum .4375"
CTL-6: Automotive
Engine Hercules WXLC-3; 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, inline gasoline
Horsepower 124
CTL-6: Suspension
Type Road wheels Track return rollers
Vertical volute spring 2 bogies/track;
2 wheels/bogie
Drive sprockets Idlers Shock absorbers
Front drive Adjustable at rear of track None
CTL-6: Track
Outside guide, single pin, steel
CTL-6: Performance
Max level road speed 33mph
Cruising range 125mi

Acquired by the US Marine Corps, the CTL-6 was an iteration of Marmon-Herrington's CTL-3 with a new engine and vertical volute spring suspension bogies akin to those found on the light tank M2. The new powerplant forced the engine decking to change to a horizontal profile from the earlier sloped arrangement. The engine louvres were .25" (.64cm) thick.

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