Medium Tank M45.

Compared to the M26 tank whence it was derived, the short ordnance on the M45 is immediately obvious. The 105mm howitzer M4 weighed 1,140lb (517kg) compared to 2,450lb (1110kg) for the 90mm gun M3, so the howitzer shield and turret front armor were thickened to better balance the turret. A howitzer travel lock was mounted on the hull roof between the drivers' hatches, and the aperture for the coaxial machine gun is visible through the canvas cover. (Picture from TM 9-2800-1/TO 19-75A-89.)

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Medium Tank M45 in Korea.

This tank lacks a canvas cover over the howitzer mount, so the bulk of the howitzer shield can be seen. The aperture in the howitzer shield above the assistant driver was for the gunner's M76G telescope. These tanks are crossing the Kumho River on their way to the Naktong River. (Picture taken 18 Sep 1950; available from the U.S. Army Media Front Page.)

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