Reconnaissance Car Model 19181-2

Model 1918: General
Date of first acceptance 1918 Crew
12 men:
  • Driver in hull left front
  • 11 passengers
Model 1918: Dimensions
Gross weight (capacity load) 7,150lbs
Chassis length (without body) 205"
Chassis width 61"
Tread 56"
Wheelbase 140"
Ground clearance 10"
Model 1918: Armament
Model 1918: Armor
Model 1918: Automotive
Engine White; 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, L-head gasoline
Horsepower 45 Fuel capacity 16.5gal
Transmission Selective sliding gear, 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Worm and sector, steering wheel
Model 1918: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Semi-elliptical leaf spring 2/side None
Model 1918: Performance
Maximum speed 50mph
Turning diameter 60' right, 45' left
18m right, 14m left

The reconnaissance car model 1918 involved mounting a reconnaissance body model 1918 on a 1-ton White Motor Company model TEB-O 4x2 truck. The body was made of riveted steel; weighed 1,180lb (535kg) without equipment; and was 160" (410cm) long, 59.875" (152.08cm) wide, and 62.125" (157.80cm) tall including the top. Four transverse benches were provided, with the front and rear pairs placed back-to-back. A rifle case was positioned between the two rear seats. The car ran on pneumatic tires, and an engine-driven tire pump was found on the transmission case.




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