Scout Car M4 (T13)1-4

M4 (T13): General
Date of first acceptance 1937 Total acceptances 38
Manufacturer Marmon-Herrington Crew 4 men
M4 (T13): Dimensions
Combat weight 7,710lbs
Length 190"
M4 (T13): Armament
Type Mount Traverse Elevation
.50cal M2 MG
.30cal MG
Flexible on skate mount Manual Manual
M4 (T13): Armor
Location Thickness
Front .25"
Sides .25"
Rear .25"
M4 (T13): Automotive
Engine Ford; 8 cylinder, 4 cycle, vee gasoline
Horsepower 85
Steering Steering wheel
M4 (T13): Suspension
Road wheels
M4 (T13): Performance
Max level road speed 60mph
Cruising range ~250mi

The scout car M4 was based on the Ford/Marmon-Herrington 1.5-ton commercial truck, and was considered inferior to the scout car M2A1. The M4 was manufactured for the National Guard, but may have used soft steel instead of armor plate. Note that not all sources list the vehicle as becoming standardized, so its prototype designation of T13 may be appropriate.




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