105mm Gun Tank Stingray1-5

Stingray: General
Date of first acceptance 1988 Total acceptances 108
Manufacturer Cadillac Gage Co. Crew
4 men:
  • Commander in turret right rear
  • Gunner in turret right front
  • Loader in turret left
  • Driver in hull center front
Stingray: Dimensions
Combat weight 44,500lbs
Height 100"
Length without gun 248"
Gun overhang forward 117"
Width 107"
Ground clearance 18"
Ground pressure, zero penetration 10.2psi
Stingray: Armament
Type Mount Ammunition Traverse
105mm Gun LRF Turret 32 rounds
(8 ready)
12.7mm M2HB MG Commander's cupola 1100 rounds 360°
7.62mm M240C MG Coaxial to 105mm gun 2400 rounds 360°
Night vision
M36E1 day/night sight for gunner
Stingray: Armor
Cadalloy steel
Stingray: Automotive
Engine Detroit Diesel 8V-92TA; 8 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, turbocharged diesel
Horsepower 535@2300rpm Fuel capacity 170gal
Transmission Allison XTG-411-2A
Stingray: Suspension
Type Road wheels Track return rollers
Torsion bar 6 dual/track 3 dual/track
Drive sprockets Idlers Shock absorbers
Rear drive Dual at front of track 3/track
Stingray: Track
Center guide, double pin, steel with detachable rubber pad
Width 15"
Pitch 6"
Stingray: Performance
Max level road speed 42mph
Max trench 84"
Max grade 60% Max vertical obstacle 30"
Max fording depth 42"
Cruising range 300mi

The Stingray was a private venture by Cadillac Gage (now Textron Marine & Land Systems Division of Textron, Inc.) built to provide main battle tank-class firepower to a light deployable tank. The British-produced Low Recoil Force 105mm gun is derived from the L7A3 and can fire all standard NATO 105mm ammunition, and a novel recoil system and muzzle brake reduced the recoil force of the gun by 60%. Stingray is armored to withstand 14.5mm ammunition frontally, and 7.62mm ammunition on all other surfaces. Stingray is only used by the Royal Thai Army. The Thai Stingrays were fitted with a British Marconi digital fire control system, and a 2-axis gun stabilizer is optional. The suspension of the Stingray is derived from that of the M109 self-propelled howitzer.

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