M1200 Armored Knight1-5

M1200: General
Date of first acceptance 2007
Manufacturer DRS Sustainment Systems, Inc. Crew
3 men:
  • Fire support officer in hull right front
  • Driver in hull left front
  • Fire support NCO in turret
M1200: Dimensions
Combat weight 29,500lbs
Height 102.0"
Length 239.0"
Width 100.8"
Tread 84.3"
Wheelbase 121.25"
Ground clearance 18.0"
M1200: Armament
Type Mount Traverse
.50cal M2HB MG Knight cupola 360°
Night vision
Passive periscope AN/VVS-501 for driver, day/night electro-optic sensor
M1200: Armor
Rolled hard homogeneous steel
Rolled hard homogeneous steel
M1200: Automotive
Engine Cummins 6CTA8.3; 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, turbocharged, inline diesel
Horsepower Gross: 276@1,900rpm Torque Gross: 858 ft-lb@1,300rpm Fuel capacity 50gal
Transmission Allison MD3560, 6 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Steering Hydraulic, steering wheel
Brakes Dual hydraulic with electric back-up
M1200: Suspension
Type Road wheels Shock absorbers
Independent coil spring 2/side On each wheel
M1200: Performance
Max level road speed 63mph
Max sideslope 30%
Max grade 60% Max trench 20"
Max vertical obstacle 24"
Min turning diameter 55'
Max fording depth 60"
Cruising range ~440mi, roads
~710km, roads

The M1200 Armored Knight is the fire support version of the ASV M1117. The M1117's turret was replaced by the Knight system, the hardware of which was shared with the Stryker FSV and M7 BFIST. On the M1200, the power-assisted cupola incorporated a machine gun along with the Fire Support Sensor System (FS3), consisting of targeting equipment including a lightweight laser designator/rangefinder, a daylight television camera, FLIR sensor, Global Positioning System Interferometer, inertial navigation system, and digital command and control capabilities. The Knight system can be installed on different platforms. Three hundred fourteen M1200s had been delivered by April 2011.




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